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Have patience, this page is a work in progress! Also note that where possible, I will give the link to the edition for the Kindle, which I have found most useful.

Herewith, the books I continue to find helpful:
Catechism of the Catholic Church - especially for those new to the Church, this is an essential volume. Note that in my two years spent in RCIA classes, no catechist ever referred to it. Thankfully, my sponsor gave me a copy at the outset.
Catechism of Trent - well worth reading. It's free, and clearly shows the foundation of our current Catechism.
Baltimore Catechism #3, Baltimore Catechism #4 - These can also be had for the Kindle from, for free. Note that #1 and #2 are subsumed in #3.

RSV Catholic Edition - Excellent edition, with good use of links for Kindle.
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, NT - Superb volume, with commentary by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. Cross references to the CCC, above, as well as to sidebars in the book.

Sites of Interest
The Vatican
The Catholic Encyclopedia
New Advent - a great news site for Catholics - also host of the Catholic Encyclopedia.
Communion in the Hand - despite the name, these folks are not supporting the practice. It's a good reference, as well.

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