Friday, November 5, 2010

About Proper Teaching

In the Wisconsin State Journal is an article which caught my attention. At issue is the unhappiness of a significant number of parishioners with the services of three priests recently assigned. They apparently circulated petitions, and let their bishop know they were not pleased. Also, the Apostolic Nuncio.
Bp. Morlino made his reply, most graciously and clearly acknowledging their concerns. In his addendum, he offers specific responses to their individual allegations. There is much there from which to learn, as he provides references to Canon Law, where appropriate, as well as to the documents of Vatican II, the latter being at the core of the things the parishioners apparently felt were being mishandled.
A few quotes are worth taking out of context.
It is permissible in the Diocese of Madison for Pastors to reserve altar service at the Holy Mass to males. This is particularly beneficial for the promotion of priestly vocations, which is a particular charism of the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest.
And this:
Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion have no “right” to administer Holy Communion at all—whether within the Holy Mass or outside of it. The administration of Holy Communion is proper to the clergy; and extraordinary ministers may only be used when there is a true necessity (Instruction Ecclesiæ de mysterio, art. 8, §1). 
And this:
The duty of administration of the parish is entrusted to the Pastor and no other (c. 532); the Parochial Vicars participate in this according to the determinations of the Bishop and the Pastor. The Pastor never needs the approval of the finance council, pastoral council, or any other committee before making any decision (c. 536, §2, and c. 537). 
I heartily recommend reading his entire reply.

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