Friday, January 11, 2013

Girding for Battle...

I should add to my previous article on Spiritual Warfare that besides discussing the issues with Fr. Okeke, I asked him to bless several objects for me. Among them were a brown scapular and several crucifixes.

I have thought for some time that I needed to have more crucifixes in the house. Before Christmas, I ordered a few, and it was these which I asked Fr. Okeke to bless. Still, I did not have enough to place one in each room of the house, so I had ordered more, and will again ask Father to bless them.

I placed one crucifix on the wall above my computer monitors, in a fashion similar to what I observed in Father's office. In these few days, I have noticed that it is a forceful presence, and affects my spirit as I work. I have noticed a similar effect from the crucifix in our family room; last night, I was watching a television drama, and found myself wanting to turn away from it, or fast forward through it, because of scenes which were gratuitously suggestive. It is not that these things did not bother me before, but now it seems a more urgent and consequential matter.

If battle is unavoidable, I shall not be unarmed!

Do not minimize the value of such guards in your own homes.


  1. Excellent and thanks for posting. Wear a scapular as well.

  2. I do wear the brown scapular, with crusader's cross and St. Benedict medal.

    Thanks for your kind words.

  3. As a recent convert I am only learning the value of these objects. A Catholic I know who is going to Kiev in March and is lacking funds has offered to send me Catholic objects from there blessed by a local Catholic priest. He would then have them shipped to me. I won't know what I'm getting until I get it, or the price until I'm billed, presumably. Would I be better off shopping online (since locally is not possible) and having a purchase blessed by a priest at the next opportunity?

  4. I suppose it depends on your friendship. If you are comfortable trusting your friend to make selections, and not to commit to too high an expense, these objects might be very memorable. On the other hand, there are many online sources, including many who sell through Amazon, which ensures you have the right to return anything which is not satisfactory. Your nearest priest can always bless the objects for you, and I am sure he would be pleased to do so.